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Discover with us ways to include mushrooms in your diet. Different exotic dishes with different kind of mushrooms, and give your family the gift of mycelial health.

Ganoderma Tea: Brings immense health benefits. Helps in weight loss, Controls sugar levels, strengthen immunity, improves heart, kidney and liver health. Take a sip of healthy wellbeing everyday.

Ganoderma Tea

How to make it: Take half of the Promycelia’s Ganoderma fruiting body( and wash it thoroughly. Break it into small pieces with the help of knife and then put it into blender.

Take a steel pot and add about 2-3 lts of water and add the churned Ganoderma to it.

Keep the pot on stove on low flame(simmer) for 2 hours and keep stirring it in between, cover the pot with a steel plate and keep a check on water, all the water should not get evaporated, In case you feel water is less more water should be added. Post 2 hours you should have approximately 300ml of pure concentrated Ganoderma. Strain the liquid Ganoderma in a glass bottle, once it gets cool completely ,store it in refrigerator preferably in a glass bottle. This liquid can last for 15 days.

Every morning add 2 teaspoons of liquid Ganoderma to hot cup of water or a cup of green tea and enjoy a healthy wellbeing.

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