About Us

Welcome to the world of Promycelia. We are in existence to let humans have the magic and gifts of mycelia and mushrooms. We strive to offer the best in class mushrooms and mushroom products in quality and nourishment.

Why Mushrooms: Mushrooms have answers to our most complex problems, which we are currently facing.

Food Security: Mushrooms are capable of converting Agri waste to consumable proteins. FAO recommends mushrooms to protein-deficient countries like India.

Water Conservation: Mushroom cultivation requires only 25-30 litres of water.

Vertical Farming: Mushrooms are the highest protein producer per unit area and Time, almost 100 times more than conventional agriculture and Animal Husbandry

Demand: Globally demand is expected to rise at 6-7%.

Paul Stamets : “How to grow mushrooms in gardens, yards, and woods for the purpose of reaping both personal and planetary rewards. As you will discover, mushrooms help us reconnect to nature in profound ways. Mushrooms, mysterious and once feared, can be powerful allies for protecting the planet from the ecological injury we inflict.”

Lets join hands together and do our bit for ourselves and for our next generations.